Tabbed blogging in Korean (?) style

Our family’s mobile life is turning away from domestic Nokia products. For some reason the laptops purchased by the younger generation are Apple MacBooks, one mobile phone is an iPhone, and this text is being typed with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, comfortably smaller than the iPad, but having a more powerful chip than the older 7 inch version; at least that’s what I was told when doing the purchase.

A month’s honeymoon with a gadget of this type has given a new perspective to what web centered communication can be: mail, social media, web-based hobbies, part-time selling via the web and now even the blogging can be done anywhere, even though traffic flows better through a WLAN than with the web-enabled SIM card. I have to congratulate the engineers and designers of Samsung Corporation who have done such a great design that Apple has felt it their responsibility to accuse their Korean competitor of being a copycat. The software inside though is  different; this one is working on the Android platform, a Google product. What does it indicate when market wars are led by lawyers? At least a considerable value added in these gadgets by intelligent software and hardware design, but in addition a fear for losing market share; this seems to happen at a surprising speed, if entering competitors have the abilitty to convince the consumer of the superiority of their new products.

California, South Korea, Taiwan and still at least to a certain extent Finland are today the places where mobile electronic gadgets are designed and produced. What if any features of these four regions have create such excellence in technology? South Korea and Finland share partly a similar   history of rapid change from a fairly poor to a well-educated country, although Finland lived through the change about a quarter of a century earlier than South Korea. California has a longer high tech history, and Taiwan… Well, I don’t actually know much about that island republic’s recent history.

In any case,the profound changes brought by Internet continue. Completing this text, I’m able to attach earphones to my Tab and start enjoying the some 700 tracks of digitalised music which I have found from Spotify, a web-based streaming radio service, which is turning more and more popular everywhere. Paying ten euros a month for such a service is a very moderate investment, but it has brought the music industry’s older channels into increasing difficulties. Would I give digital files to my near ones as Christmas presents? No, the presents should continue to be real objects with cover art and relevant information. But for my own use – why not?


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Blogging on the road

The OVI Store, where I’ve seldom found apps matching my needs, caused the expected disappointment: the available WordPress app just did not fit my Nokia, even though it is an S60 phone. Why on earth has every app to be tailored for different variants among S60 phones?

But never mind! i installed nothing and have direct access to this mobile WordPress environment. I guesss WordPress is to be thanked for this opportunity. The browser is Opera Mini 5.

The next train is departing in 15 minutes, so I’ll get myself some licorice before going to track 7.

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Testing Quickpress – simple and effective

Quickpress is a feature of WordPress I’ve not tried before – having not been very active WordPresser during the last months.

This looks very simple and easy to use. No formatting, just typing in the box. Practical for posting something in a moment.

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Exciting – do we have WordPress mobile via Opera Mini 5?

If this post is published with success, one thing can be confirmed: it is possible to post in your WordPress blog via Opera Mini 5 from a Nokia E75 (S60 3rd ed.).

This would be great, because we do need the ease of mobile blogging – with a gadget that fits into your pocket! I’m typing this from the sauna dressing room. Now is the time for an after-sauna beer!

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Can you help us get our Nokia back?

Tried to add a new blog using my phone and the Blogger service by Google. Somehow my Nokia smartphone’s own browser and Blogger didn’t like each other.

But now I’m on the same phone, using Opera Mini 5, and typing seems to be quite like writing an email. But tnis is not email, I am actually in a WordPress mobile environment.

Google tool lovers who communicate from their mobile phones, were given good news today. It will be possible to use your Google docs from the cloud even with your mobile phone – provided it is an Android phone or an iPhone. No Symbian, no Nokia… The day seems to come nearer, when I have to forget my mobile history with Nokia, soon 20 years, and switch to a platform which Nokia is not using. Why is Nokia doing this to me…?

These are gloomy thoughts of a Finn who wanted to appreciate his home country’s superstar company, a company that today seems to lose its leadership position as a provider of mobile phones and related services. Can you help us get our excellent Nokia back, Mr Elop?

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Learning to ping…

Now testing how well PING.FM will update statuses in the few, selected social networks which I am using. This update is “pinged” from my mobile.

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Web sources on poetry

A few weeks ago my Antiquarian bookseller relative and I discussed the availability of poetry in the web. The shorter format of poetry and the web’s excellent search capabilities would at least in theory support the idea of poetry publishing in the web, although this may present a challenge to both the poets and the poetry book publishers – how to get any income on poetry?

But perhaps the web would only be the starting place for an increasing interest in poetry? This seems to be the idea on which some poetry websites have been created. Here’s a listing of some sites – I’ve not surfed enough to say that they are the best, but at least they are worth having a look. If you have interesting poetry websites to recommend, please submit your comment!

Poetry Foundation of America

Poetry Bookshop Online of the Poetry Book Society (United Kingdom)

The Poetry Bookshop (Hay-on-Wye, United Kingdom)

Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo

EPC List of Poetry Bookstores

e-Poetry Festival 2009, Barcelona

Poetry Bestsellers at Amazon.Com

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