A Halloween Hello, the election is coming!

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! It’s nearly two years since my previous posting at another address on human resources issues. Those posts have been imported even to this address, but here at https://bookeric.wordpress.com there’s going to be no limit to topics and themes – it is going to be a blog on all current issues, whether they be political, literary, ethical or psychology-related. The language of writing may be English or also my native Finnish.

In three days we will see the exciting results of the U.S. presidential election.  Judged by the results of the unofficial voting arranged outside the U.S. by The Economist at www.economist.com Barack Obama seems to have much, much more friends outside the United States than John McCain.  Of course the choice has to be made by American citizens.  Both candidates would make able presidents, but many appear to have doubts of Sarah Palin’s competence, which may be a risk, should she need to take responsibility for the presidency. I cannot but join Colin Powell’s comments about why Obama would be the better choice for the U.S. right now.

[An additional comment on Tuesday evening 4th November: The voting is right now taking place in America, people are lining up in the polling stations, and we Europeans already look forward to watching our morning news – will we hear the result in the 6 am news, or are the West Coast votes needed to ensure the result…?  Let’s hope we won’t need even a little help from the friends in the Supreme Court – remember the scandal eight years ago?  In any case, The Economist’s global voting was closed today, and Obama collected 9,115 electoral votes (97,8 per cent of all) while McCain only got 203!  Are the readers of The Economist much too young, much too educated, much too liberal – or are they perhaps on the right track…?  This result is even more surprising than the recently broadcasted 15-6 for Obama at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.]

My appreciation for Barack Obama grew considerably by reading his autobiography Dreams from My Father, published already fourteen years ago. It is written very well by an intelligent and emphatic person.  Similar positive qualities of Barack’s personality were referred to in the recent TV documentary Obama vs. McCain, where some people he worked with during his Harvard days were interviewed.

It is also a choice between two generations – Barack could be John’s son.  It is a fact that people above 70 may have not only wisdom of experience but also considerable energy – I am between 50 and 60 and have known many high-energy persons older than 75 – but is the U.S. presidency really the kind of job in which a man of McCain’s age would thrive?  His supporters will probably say that reference to his age is discrimination (“age racism”), or that Obama has too little experience for the position, but in fact we have lots of excellent examples of persons who have entered key leadership positions in his age and been extremely successful.

Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning for even us Europeans will in any case be an exciting moment.  The President of the United States is a powerful figure who affects even the future of countless people outside his own country. If you are entitled to vote, consider what you are doing for the world.


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