Random books from my library

Do you already know LibraryThing?  If you are a book-lover like me, you should immediately surf to www.librarything.com and find out about it. There are more books catalogued there than in the Library of Congress, currently over 33 million books. You can also find interesting statistics on the popularity of books among connoisseurs – I was able to find out that If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller (1979) is Italo Calvino’s most popular book among librarythingers. Shame on me, I haven’t read it! Fortunately there is a female book-lover in our home who has invested in all these books I am cataloguing in LibraryThing.

It would also be nice to show you some book covers from our home library, but – being a new WordPress blogger, I’ve not yet learnt how to paste in some html code, which would then link to random booklists from our home library catalogue at LibraryThing.

Is there any use of cataloguing your books in an internet site? Definitely, because these data can be accessed e.g. with your smartphone when you’re in a bookstore and start wondering whether we already had this or that book by Jaan Kross (this Estonian author is one of the greatest novelists in Europe, but unfortunately his books are less well known in the English-speaking world) or Saul Bellow. I bought a paperback version of his Herzog over forty years ago during my exchange student year in the United States- but haven’t still read the book! Well, fortunately our female booklover has, so I can ask for her comments…

Congratulations to all readers of this blog in the United States – you now have a president-elect who is even an able book-writer.  I’ve now got Barack Obama’s second book The Audacity of Hope on my night table. It looks more political than his first book, but perhaps now that he will be the 44th president of the United States, it would not be wasted time to read about his political views. Does he now have the audacity to choose Hillary Clinton to be the Secretary of State – that we shall see in a few weeks.  It would be a fitting continuation of female secretaries of state – for a person whose talent would match the post. Should we get acquianted even with her writing skills?


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