Can you help us get our Nokia back?

Tried to add a new blog using my phone and the Blogger service by Google. Somehow my Nokia smartphone’s own browser and Blogger didn’t like each other.

But now I’m on the same phone, using Opera Mini 5, and typing seems to be quite like writing an email. But tnis is not email, I am actually in a WordPress mobile environment.

Google tool lovers who communicate from their mobile phones, were given good news today. It will be possible to use your Google docs from the cloud even with your mobile phone – provided it is an Android phone or an iPhone. No Symbian, no Nokia… The day seems to come nearer, when I have to forget my mobile history with Nokia, soon 20 years, and switch to a platform which Nokia is not using. Why is Nokia doing this to me…?

These are gloomy thoughts of a Finn who wanted to appreciate his home country’s superstar company, a company that today seems to lose its leadership position as a provider of mobile phones and related services. Can you help us get our excellent Nokia back, Mr Elop?


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